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 UNSCMC - Marine Application, basic marine application
 Posted: Mar 29 2015, 02:47 AM

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UNSC - Marine Application

Well hey.

Welcome to the UNSC Marine Corps thread. This here's where you can make your boots-on-the-ground, get-shot-at-a-lot, do-nothing-all-day Marine. This also entails Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. However, before you even begin thinking about a character, head over to the roster and see what positions need filling. You can find that in the 'Information' board.

If you follow the information and roster organisation stuff, you really can't go wrong. Copy the template below, fill it out and whack it on the 'Ready To Read Applications' board. Information about each field can be found underneath the code box. If you do get stuck with something, message a staff member or make your problem known in the Cbox. We're happy to help.


[SIZE=5][b][u]SN: 12345-67890-XY[/u][/b][/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][b][u]SURNAME, FORENAME[/u][/b][/SIZE]

[b]Date Of Birth:[/b]



[b]Traits & Skills:[/b]


Name: Your character's name: keep it realistic and don't just rip names off from other franchises. The same goes with characters as a whole. Avoid anime names and characters at all costs. We're not having a platoon full of "UGUU" and "KAWAIT" Japanese fellows running around like the Corps is an anime con or something.

Service Number: UNSCDF personnel are issued a Service Number (SN), as are some civilians. Take the initials of your character's first and last name and add them to the end of two sets of five-digit numbers, all linked with dashes. For example, Joe Bloggs could have the SN of 03225-56437-JB.

Age: How long has your character been breathing?

Date of Birth: When did your character start breathing? Structured like DD/MM/YYYY.

Rank: Put your rank here. Use the roster or ask to see what's available. You can't go wrong with Privates or Private First Classes - we always need them - but ask if you can go higher.

Unit: Please refer to the Marine Corps roster to determine your character's unit. Go as far as your fireteam e.g. Bandit 1-1-B. This means Bandit Company, First Platoon, First Squad, Fireteam Bravo.

Appearance: Pretty straightforward. We ask you to write this rather than just slapping down a picture of some actor/actress you really like. This is a roleplay and you should be able to write a decent description of a person.

Traits & Skills: Just a few basic things about the way your character behaves. Stuff like personality traits, quirks, flaws and specialties. If your character does it or doesn't do it, jot down the cold hard truths.

Biography: From birth to enlistment to present day, describe your character's history. Use Halopedia to determine suitable locations and times. Make sure it's of a suitable length. At least two or three sizable paragraphs should do.
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