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 Main Rules, Adhere or be drawn and quartered.
 Posted: Mar 28 2015, 11:04 PM

Group: Admin
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Alias: Sam

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Hey there.

Welcome to the rules section of HaloVerse. This thread contains the basic rules of the forum. As a community, we ask you to abide by our fairly flexible set of rules. They're not here just because we're mean and horrible and like to take the fun out of everything. Our rules help to ensure everything on site runs smoothly, and they try to avert the whole 'getting shut down' thing. That would suck. Failure to abide by our rules will result in merciless execution.


Rule 1 - Be Nice
The internet's full of really mean people. We try to be less mean than that. We'd like you to try and be even nicer than we are (yeah right). Be civil with other members, respect the rules and don't be a jerk. I know some of you will see this rule and think we're asking a lot, but if you can find it in your hearts to be nice to everyone, we'll love you forever.

Rule 2 - Terms of Service
So, in order for us to keep this site up, you guys are going to have to abide by the stuff in the Proboards ToS. I'm not saying you have to read it all and nitpick through it like a lawyer, but be sensible. We don't want abusive, pornographic or racist material. Basically, just look at the prohibited content in the Community Guidelines and steer clear of all that stuff.

Rule 3 - Common Sense
So this rule's here to cover all the stuff I can't really be bothered to type out that isn't covered officially by the ToS. To elaborate, just think before you do something. If it seems sort of sketchy, or it's on the line between do and don't, you'd probably be best off not posting it. If you think that the thing you're about to post might offend someone, I'd probably leave it out. I'm not saying you shouldn't post anything if you get the tiniest notion it might be bad - ask someone beforehand. Chances are we'll be fine with it. We're pretty cool.

Rule 4 - The High Powers Are Always Right
Obviously I'm kidding about this one's title but the general gist of it is that, if a Staff Member says 'stop', please stop. Staff Members are good guys at heart, behind all their evil mastermind plans to overthrow the Head Admin. Even he is sort of nice. But yeah. Staff aren't telling you to stop just for the hell of it. You're probably causing a problem or you're part of something that is affecting the site in a bad way. Staff are here to make sure things run smoothly. If you have an issue with the way a Staff Member is behaving, get a PM (Personal Message) sent out to the other Staff Member(s). That or approach them directly and try work something out. Everyone here is civil.

Rule 5 - Refer To A Spellchecker
This forum is, at heart, a creative writing forum. Try to write as well as you can in English with top grammar and spelling. Of course, we all make mistakes sometimes and we all have different approaches to grammar so there's a fair bit of leeway. If you're struggling with anything in your writing, we're here to help. You can go straight to one of our other members for advice. They're friendly enough and probably won't bite your head off when you ask them how apostrophes work for the ninety-third time.


Alright, so now you know the main rules of HaloVerse. These are pretty much the ground rules for any site, just written a little more sarcastically and comically, so I don't sound like a dictator. Fear me.
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