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Dec 6 2015, 01:30 PM
0600 Hours, April 24, 2535 (Military Calendar) /
Pelican Kilo 415, Gastrol
Delta Two, Callsign "Phantom"

"Two mikes till green light."

Fitz nodded at the pilot and turned away from the cockpit. His visor shimmered under the red hue barely illuminating the blood tray, an ironic sentiment that he raised an eyebrow at beneath his helmet. His rifle too was the same dirty crimson as he, noticing the colour change as he released the magazine, checked it and reinserted it. The BR55's display read back a blue '36' and he racked the charging handle to chamber the first round.

"Two mikes, lads," forwarded the Staff Sergeant to his men. "Check your gear's secure. Air out there ain't too fond of tourists."

It was a true statement. The planet Gastrol, despite the UEG's terraforming attempts, came into a season of toxic winds every few decades. Luckily for the ODSTs about to plant their boots on the ground, that time was now. They were prepared for it though, what with the extra oxygen reserves that they had with them and their airtight suits.

"Sound off when you're set," he insisted, racking the slide of his M6C/SOCOM as he moved past the other five figures in matte black. They were the members of the only team to be left intact after the Battle of Jericho VII. The others had more gaps than a boxer's teeth, only the ODSTs were dealing with a lot more blood. Delta Two, callsign "Phoenix", were the only ground forces deploying.

They were on their own for this one.
Jul 10 2015, 02:52 PM
1355 Hours, February 11, 2535 (Military Calendar) /
UNSC Tannenberg, Jericho VII

Staff Sergeant Jeff Fitzhugh entered the starboard SOEIV bay behind 2nd Lieutenant Karen Stamel. The door hissed shut behind them and they approached the holographic table in the middle of the room. Around it stood twenty-four ODSTs, ready in their BDUs. The blue light of the tactical display painted their gear in a strange hue, matching that of their silvery-blue visors, whether their helmets were on, under their arms or hanging at their sides at the ends of their arms.

"Clear the table," Fitz spoke, nodding at the few helmets resting on the edges of the holotank. Their owners removed them and waited for Stamel to speak. She brought up a console as she got to the table, typing in a few commands on the edge as a male figure rose from one of the plains around the holographic city. He was dressed in a German military uniform, one of the First World War. He looked old, sporting a noticeable amount of wrinkles, though his white hair was cropped and neat. The hair on his lip was quite the opposite, dark, burly and extending off his face on either side

"Your Artificial Intelligence construct is ready, ma'am," said the figure, nodding towards a port on the side of the table. "Second generation. Urban Infrastructure class."

"Thanks, Hinden," waved the Lieutenant to the representation of a German field marshal and president, finishing up one last command on the keyboard in front of her as the shipboard AI vanished. "Alright, Marines. Here's the op.

"Three hours ago, we lost contact with a company-sized Army element operating inside the city of Laia. We were about to deem it a loss until ten minutes ago, when we caught a transmission from a Captain Venros requesting reinforcements. According to him, the power grid went down soon after the Covenant attacked. That's what this AI's for."

She popped the data chip from the table and held it up. It was tiny yet somehow managed to store one of Humanity's biggest technological achievements. It wasn't a smart AI but it was still insanely intelligent. Stamel continued talking as she secured the chip in a compartment behind her chestplate.

"Deluge here is gonna get the grid back up. Should be plug and play," she said, her expression matching the platoon's doubtful murmur. "Venros spoke of a few units being trapped in the subways with large numbers of civilians. "We'll drop on the outskirts to avoid AA that our UAV's picked up. Then we'll clear a path through the Covenant to this tower in the centre of the city. That's where the AI core is."

The holotank zoomed in to the central tower, an eighty-storey behemoth that rose above the rest of the city's skyscrapers. The blueprint showed the middle section of the tower, comprised mainly of systems and server rooms. It then drew a line directly downwards, where it linked with the subway system. That line disappeared off the side of the tank.

"Once the city's got power again, we'll hold it till all civilian and military personnel are out of dodge. Then we'll use the metro as exfil and blow the backup generators. They won't level the city but they'll do significant damage to anyone near 'em. Should slow their advance on Veiport."

The map zoomed out and the line that had once disappeared at the table's edge now connected Laia and a much bigger city, Veiport. A space elevator rose from it and, as such, it was designated as the capital of Jericho VII. At present, it was also the location that civilians had been told to get to for evacuation of the colony. The two cities themselves were about twenty klicks apart, something that made Fitz thank for the underground train system.

"The city's teeming with the bastards, Marines. Watch yourselves and take it slow," said the Staff Sergeant, looking over the twenty-four ODSTs in front of him. "Aerial recon shows a fuck ton of armour and even more of 'em walking around our streets.

"We're a small force so we're not engaging directly. Suppressed weapons and avoid contact where possible. The time for a shit storm'll come when they realise we've kicked their buddies out of the core and restored the city's power. It'll be a goddamn war when that happens.

"Grab your gear, sit your arses down in your pods and get ready to drop in five. Oorah."
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